The Young Minds Project

European Physical Society and the Young Minds Project

The European Physical Society (EPS) is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to promote physics and engineering in Europe through methods such as physics outreach. Formally established in 1968, its membership includes the national physical societies of 42 countries, and some 3200 individual members. The EPS Young Minds Programme gives young researches the opportunity to lead teams, organise events for networking, public outreach and career development. 

What is a Young Minds section? 

A Young Minds section is a self-organised student organisation, which is hosted by a university or a research institution. It comprises at least 4 members, as well as a section advisor. The advisor must be a permanent staff member of the host institution, serves as a local mentor whom the section can consult, and ensures continuity in the work of the section.

These Sections offer many benefits to their members and the local communities: 

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