Activities 2022

ACadmic Day

ACadmic Day, a wordplay between “academic” and the Cadmean fox, was the debut conference of the Young Minds NTUA Section, formerly known as PHOxYS (PHysics Organisation for Young mindS). Held on the 2nd of December 2022, it included a series of talks on various Physics disciplines  and a number of side-events, such as informative booths with exhibits and a Poster session showcasing the research work of our graduate students.


Athens Science Festival

The Athens Science Festival, the festival devoted to Science and Innovation since 2014, is an established cultural landmark in the field of Science, Technology, Innovation and Art in Greece!

For over 5 days every spring, residents and schools in and around Attica have the opportunity to explore scientific and technological advancements in an entertaining, innovative and interactive manner. At the same time, researchers, distinguished scientists, educators and artists give their best to communicate science and indulge the visitors to participate in their experience with it. 

Visits to Laboratories and Institutes 

Members have already paid a number of visits to local research centres and laboratories, becoming informed about their goals, past and current projects, and open or upcoming positions for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The group aims to increase communication and cooperation between students at NTUA of all grades, and enhance student-professor dialogue.

The first visit took place in December 2021, when members of the team visited the laser and photonics laboratories of the Department of Physics of NTUA. 

Joint Attendances of Events 

The section organises and promotes events related to the latest scientific research and tools. NTUA Young Minds Section's members have attended MathematicaDay@NTUA and the 57th Summer School of NCSR "Demokritos", whereas a shared viewing of the live streaming of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 Lectures was organised. 

EPS Forum & 11th International Conference of the BPU 

NTUA Young Minds Section was of course present at the EPS Forum in June and BPU11 in August, represented by its members. The talks given there on future career courses and on the Young Minds project provided many stepping stones for the team's future plans and events. The most important part however was clearly the exciting cooperation with the other European sections, with whom future joint events were discussed and amazing friendships were formed.